A health and fitness revolution

Tame the tank with constantly moving water & become the fittest version of yourself
Never stop moving

Imagine a workout weight that reacts to your slightest movement. In turn, you have to adjust as well, keeping control of the weight and of your body. Consequently the water reacts again, and the circle continues.

Instead of ordinary "dead" weights, the Tidal Tank is alive. Because of this, no repetition is the same.

Game changer for Athletic performance

Instability training plays into motor control, which is the first step to generating power. Body control sets the stage for higher order movements. So, being able to properly sequence firing muscles in the right movement factor is essential for improving athletic performance.

Matt Cooper
Strength and Conditioning coach CSCS
Magic bullet for Physical therapy

The disruptive effect of the constantly moving water is our magic bullet in fixing hurtful movement patterns. In this example, the client locks in his shoulder and offsets to the left. The Tidal Tank provides an immediate fix, allowing for full range of motion.

Wieger Heijenk
Physical therapist / Shoulder specialist
About the tank
Top Quality Stitching

The Tidal Tank is made of highgrade, 1mm transparent PVC, and the handles are specifically designed for maximum comfort and strength. They have been tested in the lab to withstand 200kg of pulling power.

Whether the Tidal Tank is filled with 2kg or 20kg water, you can be sure that the handles will hold.

Easy to set up for use

Press the button in the valve down to open it up. Now keep it under the tap until the desired water level is reached.

Press the button once more to let it go up, the valve is now closed inside. Attach the included pump and blow up the Tank until it has the correct shape.

That's it! You're ready to start your workout.