A health and fitness revolution

Tame the tank with constantly moving water & become the fittest version of yourself
The Tidal Tank is the only fitness product that responds directly to how you move. Slighty lift the tank and the water falls from one side to the other. Immediately, your muscles have to respond, and more importantly: work closely together to stay in balance.

All this results in the perfect functional workout, it solves problematic movement patterns, prevents injuries and however you use it, it trains your entire body.
Increase the weight as you go

After a few weeks of Dynamic Resistance training with the Tidal Tank you notice that your functional strength increases. At this point you don't have to buy a new Tank to keep challenging yourself, because you have full control over the weight by adjusting the amount of water inside.

The maximum is 20 liters, or 20kg.

Beware: due to the movement of the water, it will feel up to 3x as heavy.

Top Quality Stitching

The Tidal Tank is made of highgrade, 1mm transparent PVC, and the handles are specifically designed for maximum comfort and strength. They have been tested in the lab to withstand 200kg of pulling power.

Whether the Tidal Tank is filled with 2kg or 20kg water, you can be sure that the handles will hold.

Easy to set up for use

Press the button in the valve down to open it up. Now keep it under the tap until the desired water level is reached.

Press the button once more to let it go up, the valve is now closed inside. Attach the included pump and blow up the Tank until it has the correct shape.

That's it! You're ready to start your workout.